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2016-04-12 Return...
10 basic mistakes of HYIP investor
There is an opinion that each person learns from one````s mistakes, thus receiving invaluable experience. In real life necessary experience you can get by making some mistakes but for investors even one mistake can lead to loss of all capital.

For beginners (and not only for them, but also skilled ones) we made a list of mistakes which was most often made by HYIP investors.

Mistake №1. Invest all money in one project.

Deals are going uphill, some investment projects made for you good profit, accordingly your confidence of own forces grown proportionally. And some investors decide to enclose all profit in one project. What for doing scanty investments if it is possible to invest all savings and hit the jackpot? And this mistake as a result can transform all your savings into ashes! There is such concept - trial or test expenses, that means - deposit a little and when get profit invest other money that was going to from the beginning.

It is not enough to do test expenses. Sometimes HYIPs regularly pay on scanty investments but if business reached large sums, there is a chance you won````````````````t see your money anymore. If you consider all aforesaid and will be more reserved and accurate, you avoid the mistake number one.

Mistake №2: Do not forget to check Withdraw function of a HYIP - project

You found interesting project, made a deposit and your profit growing daily. You decided to withdraw money, but you can face such problem as function is hanging or doesn````````````````t work at all.

Make test payment and as soon as possible try to withdraw money. Do not make other payments before that.

Mistake №3: Safety

One of basic mistakes is registration in the project with the same e-mail you use for payment systems. If someone crack your e-mail - all passwords for payment systems and electronic purses can be restored and you money will be gone. The most important - use new password for each project. Breaking any of your accounts can cause loss of means.

Mistake №4: The investor doesn````````````````t try to withdraw starting capital as soon as possible

Statisticly, average lifetime of HYIPs is about 6 months. What do you think is better invest a great sum and then start gradually to withdraw or make small deposit and get profit for example in a month.

Adhere to a rule - withdraw initial capital; half of profit put in this project again, and other part enclose in another HYIP.

Mistake №5: Greed

It is not a problem to earn money in HYIP; it is more difficult to keep it in your pocket. The temptation consists in reinvestment each of cent of profit further to get geometrical progression of income.

It is not necessary to increase profit as soon as possible. Go back to what was said earlier - half of profit put in this project again, and other part enclose in another HYIP.

Mistake №6: I invest all my capital in this HYIP because it is on top

Do not loop on certain project. Try to mix HYIP-projects well-known and not so well-known. Pay attention to "not popular" HYIPs, if they pay money at least 4 months.

Mistake №7: I will save profit and then withdraw all money at once

Remember that many HYIPs do not like to leave with great sums of money. Funds are not endless and sometimes administration can````````````````t satisfy payments of great sums of money even if initially the project wasn````````````````t a SCAMer. Try to withdraw partly.

Mistake №8: To invest without information compiling

You think you found a promising HYIP and without any information of it you make a deposit. Actually the HYIP doesn````````````````t pay money anymore but still can be afloat. Spend some time on visiting thematic forums, monitoring sites etc.

Mistake №9: Withdraw money in the end of the year

The situation before New Year````````````````s holidays repeats every year. These days HYIP-projects have a small crisis as all investors try to withdraw money and they can````````````````t satisfy everyone. Withdraw your money a month before December. Also do not invest in holiday days.

Mistake №10: The investor is focused on favorite projects, forgetting about strategy of earnings in HYIPs

Be not fond of one project even if you paid regularly, and you have certain sympathy for this HYIP. Hold in mind the bases of strategy; remember risk about HYIP - projects.

Better invest in 10 projects which pay to you $100 than in 2 projects which receive $500. The theory is that better invest in tens projects simultaneously and get small but continuous income, than in a couple of favorite HYIPs and receive much more but with risk to lose all.

It is an art to earn in HYIP with its rules. Remember risks!

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