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2015-12-21 Return...
On 21th of December administrator that everyone was waiting joined Platinum listing. From the first sight, CryptoLimited is considerably simple, but I will drop you a hint - there is a lot more in this project, and it is the reason why I upgraded listing for this project. If you are as intrigued as I am, grab your coffee, sit back and relax for a review of CryptoLimited.

When you would open this project, I don`t think that you would get any associations because from the first sight project seems very conservative. Some of us would even close internet browser and not to proceed any further with exploring this project. Yes, unlike most projects that you see around CryptoLimited doesn`t have a flashy design or some other "things" to attract our eyes, but I believe conservative style is a strategy to maintain gradual growth for the project because too many investments at an early stage can quickly burn project together with all investors.

I`m sure you are already asking yourself - if the project is conservative, doesn`t stand out how would come that people talk about it all over the internet? To understand that we should know who is behind the project and how previous projects of this team have performed. When CryptoLimited came online, there were tons of discussions about who is behind this project, but slowly after putting puzzle pieces together, it becomes apparent that CryptoLimited is operated by the team that has worked on Carbon7 and Capital7. For the ones that don`t know the history, I can tell that these two projects were very, very big. In the meantime, I did a little research on the internet and found that someone had calculated that on Capital7 via HYIP monitors investors invested more than one million US dollars. As you may know, HYIP monitors is an incredibly tiny part of the big game, so actual turnover of these HYIPs was way higher, and I`m confident to say that 99% of other HYIPs don`t reach figures that are even close to that.

So much about history, but we should talk few words about CryptoLimited project itself as well. As you already know the project is very simple, it also has only one investment plan. This one investment plan is "piggy bank" type investment plan where you can withdraw your initial deposit at whatever time you want. You can invest any amount starting from just $10, and you will be paid 225% daily every calendar day for a 5 days. Sounds simple and it is, the only limitation for deposit is that if you want to leave then 10% from your initial deposit will be deducted, and the amount will be added to your balance.

I should also mention that CryptoLimited charge 1% per every withdrawal, so if you leave too early no profits will be made, so you should take out your calculator and determine what kind of strategy is best for you in this project. Talking about withdrawals it is important to note that they are processed only on working days, so if you request your payment on Saturday, you will need to wait till Monday to get paid. Equally important is to know that CryptoLimited does not accept much payment options - at this stage, you can deposit only with Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Payeer, but if you would like to invest larger amounts you can always contact administration, and you will be provided with an option to make Wire Transfer.

Previous experience does not initially guarantee the same results (until it is proved otherwise), but I like laying low strategy that administrator is using, and that apparently will help this project to grow gradually. Project initially started at the period when the industry was the quietest - during the summer of 2016 and already within this time project have little bit warmed up and have reached quite a decent lifetime. At the start of September administrator started little wider advertising campaign and joined Platinum listing. We must take in mind that usually, this administrator does not purchase a more expensive listing, but his performance always is at the level of Golden Stage, so that is the reason why I moved this project to Pinned Golden Stage position at the moment of review publication.

As usual, there is only one final question - will people trust administrator with their funds? It is clear that success of previous projects has paved the way to prosperity also this time and people around the internet invest massively already. Sure thing CryptoLimited is the best project of today, and if you miss it then within this investment season, there could not be other better choice to make profits from HYIP industry. Of course, remember to weight your investment risk accurately and always spend with caution.

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