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2013-05-25 Return...
Yes, I must say that this project from a design point of view is done well and looks quite quality one. From the first sight it is clear that it is a long-term project and it makes an impression that the project will bring good results. You will like that project has quite a lot textual information, brief statistical information and for now it is already available in two languages. On webpage, you will notice that five other languages will be added in the future, but I'm not sure if that will happen soon. When you will login into user panel you will get this feel that it is designed very seriously while actually in user panel after depositing, we usually use a few functions that we can do with few mouse clicks.

The project also has a Facebook page and Twitter account but also for now I do not see very big activity over there, but most likely as I said advertising would start later on.

Strange thing that we can't see information if we have attracted some people are not with our referral link, but I hope the administrator will fix that and in the future everyone will be able to see such statistics as well.

The project offers four investment plans, but from them only two are interesting for us. Before I start I want to inform that project pays only on business days, so you will receive profit only 5 days per week. The first investment plan is called "Charitable" and this investment plan will last 6 hours, bringing you 110% return what will make 440% return before the moment when initial deposit will be returned back to your balance. If things go well and you will be able to withdraw your initial deposit than 440% will be your pure profit from your investment. In this investment plan, you can invest starting from minimum $10.

The second investment plan starts from $20 and you will be able to invest up to $4999. This time investment plan is bigger - 950% (you will reach break-even point in 7 hours). Investment plan here will last 180 business days and here you will have 2850% returns before your initial deposit will be returned. As in any other project if you will successfully get your initial deposit back that will be your pure profit.

As I mentioned earlier, there is third investment plan what starts from $50, but I guess this investment plan is not for us this time. In this project you will be able to invest with Perfect Money, Payeer and cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Withdrawals in this project will be processed instantly and I'm sure we will like that.

I like that this project is based on a licensed GoldCoders _ what is the best _ what HYIP administrators can purchase online these days. Project use blockdos.net DDoS protection that used to be very popular choice years ago, but these days when there is better and cheaper solutions like DDoS Guard this protection is rarely used. I'm not saying that blockdos.net is bad; I'm just saying that for cheaper price these days' people can better DDoS protection. Domain name is prepaid for two years, but on top of everything project have "Green bar" SSL encryption what will encrypt your connection starting from your computer till Day-Fund server.

To sum up, I want to say that the project has started just recently and many long-term projects are purchasing just standard listing from the start, so maybe it is worth to think about some investment like an early bird because as you know early investors are usually the ones that make the biggest profit. But remember - invest only that you can afford to lose.

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