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2012-12-27 Return...
1 Million USD - Easy Investing
1 Million USD from a design point of view is a beautiful project with very simple title. Administration or designer (decide by yourself) has finished each section and at least for me it was very easy to find information about the project because feels like every section is rich with information. Since design and each detail are done so well overall impression of 1 Million USD project is great and the design resembles the image of a big company. That is what exactly is important to attract new players that do not know what is HYIP. When you will take a further look at account section you will notice that everything is made as simple as possible and in the same time I would say that account section is quite unique if you compare with big part of other HYIPs out there.

I like that in 1 Million USD project, there is phone support, email support and also live support. At least for me it seems that live support is online all the time and also e-mail support is quite responsive and there was no need to wait very long time for an answer. I think you will agree that it is very important for any project to respond each investor quickly because in these days when there is so much attractive projects around if the investor does not receive answers quickly he will find some other, better place to invest. Administration of the project is also present on social media, and if I can believe the statistics than Facebook page have more than 1000 likes already. But if we talk about Facebook than there is one odd thing – only a few people like those posts, so why then so much people like 1 Million USD Facebook page in the first place?

1 Million USD offers three investment plans what is quite long timeframe and if things will go well, I expect that this project could last till the start of December. Of course do not count on that, but in best circumstance, it should be like this and I think that the administrator has calculated things like this just because usually at the start of December things start to slow down and at the middle of December industry is almost stopped.

Back to investment plans – first investment plan in this project is so called “1 Plan” investment plan and investing in this investment plan require minimal $10 deposit. How big return we can expect from this plan? 13% hourly what makes 169% total return could be your profit. Of course I do not put big hopes that initial deposit will be returned, but 169% profit anyways is very good and you can break-even with this investment plan in exactly two months (calendar days).

For bigger investors that want to invest more at 1 Million USD there is a third investment plan, so called “Plan 7” investment plan. In this investment plan you will be able to invest starting from $100 up to $100000. I do not think that there will be investors who will invest maximum amount, but who knows. In any case, here you will be able to make 10000% profit if initial deposit will not be returned and you will be able to break-even in 55 calendar days.

The project accepts five payment options – WiredPay, Payza, Payeer and cryptocurrency Bitcoin. There is not much what I can add here because these payment options cover whole investment market and I do not think that these days there is anyone who would deal with some other payment option just because there is no place where those unknown payment methods would be accepted. So far about deposit options, but the great thing is that withdrawals is paid instantly and at the moment when you will request them they will arrive at your payment account balance.

1 Million USD is built on the licensed GoldCoders HYIP _ and I do not think that there is a need to repeat that GoldCoders is the best commercial HYIP _ what you can find out there. For hosting and DDoS protection administration is using DDoS Guard hosting and I’m sure also everyone here knows that this is the best hosting and DDoS protection provider out there these days. All other technical data is as good as previous details – domain name is prepaid for 10 years and the project is secured with “Green Bar” extended SSL encryption.

To conclude, it is clear that 1 Million USD is a very professional project and anyone will be able to invest with great variety of payment options. Secondly, it is clear that the administration is not the first time here and project seems well managed. Of course, how long this project will last I do not know because there is many factors that can influence lifetime of this project. If you would ask about today than I would say that it is still quite safe because at the start there is bigger chances to get bigger profit. Fingers crossed because this project could work out to be one of the biggest projects of upcoming autumn HYIP investment season and I hope that I will be able to write some good words about it in the future. Of course, remember that 1 Million USD is still a HYIP game that can close even tomorrow, so invest only that you can afford to lose.

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